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Are you too busy at work to take your child to the tuition center? Are you worried that teachers coming to your home to teach will expose your family privacy? But you want your child to get good grades in the Chinese test?

Online tutoring can solve your troubles.

My online Chinese tutoring is different from other online learning. I strive for high quality and try my best to achieve the same effect as face-to-face teaching.  Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2019, I have switched from physical tuition to online teaching and have accumulated more than three years of experience.  I have professional online equipment and systematic teaching materials.  In the past three years of online teaching, I have helped more than 50 students learn Chinese, including primary school students, secondary school students and adults.  

In PSLE ​​in 2020, 1 out of 4 P6 students got A star, 3 got A.

In 2021 i had 5 P6 students, 1 got AL1, 2 AL2, 1 AL3, 1AL4.

In 2022 i also had 5 P6 students, 2 got AL1, 1 AL2, 1 AL3, 1 AL4.  

It can be seen from the results that online tutoring is effective, but the premise is that students can concentrate during class, which is the most important thing.  



If your child can concentrate during class, maybe you can try online tuition

learning materials sample

1-hour online trial lesson only for $10

(Click WhatsApp icon to book a trial lesson)

1.Explanation of textbook words &general paper 2

2.P5 &P6 oral sample

3.composition sample

4. P5 &P6 oral list



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