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Online Chinese Tuition For Students In Singapore
Singapore MOE Syllabus


-Based in Singapore

-Give tutoring for Primary and Secondary School's students

-Higher Chinese and Normal Chinese Tuition

-Systematic tutoring for PSLE, O-level, IP, IB students

-An experienced and highly recommended tutor

-General paper, Oral, Composition, Listening 

-Provide learning materials based on MOE syllabus

-1-hour online trial lesson only for S$10

1-hour online trial lesson only for $10

(Click WhatsApp icon to book a trial lesson)

High-quality 1-1 online tuition

  • Conduct lessons via Skype, Zoom.

  • Customize learning materials according to different situations of students

  • Provide learning materials for students to print before class.

  • Mark students' homework before class to save time as much as possible.

  • The course is lively and interesting

  • The knowledge points of the exam are well explained

  • The notes are complete

tuition fee

  • Cost transparency

  • No additional charge

About  Me/张老师简介

Hi, I’m Zhang Lao Shi (female).

I am from China and speak Mandarin as my mother tongue. I am also a permanent resident of Singapore and have lived in Singapore for many years.

I graduated from Sichuan Normal University in China with a bachelor degree.

I have been teaching Chinese for over 9 years in Singapore and China. I’m very similar with Singaporean MOE syllabus and also have own study materials for paper 2, oral, comprehension and composition.

I am familiar with PSLE, O-Level and IP, IB syllabus. In Singapore, I have taught over 300 primary students. Most of my students have made significant progress in their end of year test, some students have made top three in the class.

Over 25% of my P6 students got ALand over 70% of my P6 students got AL2, AL3 in Chinese in PSLE.

Among the secondary school students I teach, about 35% of the students can get good grades above A2 in the o-level exam, and most of them can get above B3.  For students with poor Chinese foundations, they can also make great progress under my guidance.

100% satisfaction from parents

Over the years of teaching Chinese, I have devoted a lot of time and energy to study the materials, examination papers provided by various schools and also the school leaving examination papers. Then I provide students with a complete set of systematic learning materials according to the MOE examination syllabus. Preparing learning materials for students helps me to understand the key points well in many school examinations and help students improve their examination scores to the greatest extent. The time for me to prepare one learning materials completely exceeds the time for class, and the learning materials will be updated continuously. As the saying goes: “只要功夫深,铁棒磨成针”, I believe that only diligence, persistence and reflection can do a good job.


The schools of my students



  • Raffles Girls' Primary school   

  • Nanyang Primary School

  • Tao Nan School

  • Ai Tong School

  • Singapore Chinese Girls' School

  • Maris Stella High School

  • Methodist Girls' School

  • Catholic High School

  • Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

  • Anglo-Chinese Primary School

  • CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School

  • St.Hilda's Primary School

  • River Valley Primary School

  • Maha Bodhi School

  • Red Swastika School

  • Temasek Primary School

  • Yu Neng Primary School

  • Yangzheng Primary

  • Bedok Green Primary

  • Zhangde Primary School

  • St joseph institution

  • Saint Andrew's Junior School

  • Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School


  • Hwa Chong Institution

  • ACS (Independent)

  • Nanyang Girls' high School

  • St. Joseph's institution

  • National Junior College

  • Singapore Chinese Girls' School

  • Catholic High School

  • Zhonghua Secondary School

  • Nan Chiau High School


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