Make your children's Chinese better

NOTICEThis is not a Chinese tuition centre, do not provide classrooms.​Only do home tutoring by Zhang Lao Shi.

  • Primary School  Higher Chinese and Normal Chinese Tuition

  •  Systematic tutoring for PSLE students

  • One-Hour Free Trial

  • A experienced and highly recommended Tutor

  • General paper, Oral, Composition, Listening Comprehension

one to one home Tuition

  • For weaker students or those who want more help for their Chinese.

  • I can provide Chinese tuition in your home. 

small group tuition

  • Can invite children's friends or classmates to take class together.

  • It's much cheaper than one-to-one lesson.

 tuition fee

  • Reasonable charges.

  • No materials fee and deposit.

  • No additional invisible charges.


HOT TELL:+65 97870281 (Please send message or whatsapp contact, often in class)

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